2019-2020 Preseason Membership Information

2019-20 Preseason Membership Form


There is No initiation fee! There are NO monthly dues!

There is no increase in the court rates which are as follows: Walk-on is $20.00 (any time), Non-prime is $24.00, Prime is $28.00 per court hour and Prime Plus is $38 per court hour. 



Important Dates


4/15 PCT and RR Priority Signup Deadline

Renew your permanent court times and round robins now or request a new one (first come first served).  The club does not renew automatically.


5/31 Preseason Membership Deadline 

Register or renew your membership before 5/31 to receive a significant membership discount.  Summer includes some great programs and free walk-on times you will want to take advantage of, so don't delay!


Extra 2019-20 Season Benefits

Pickleball is included in the 2019-20 Tennis Membership.  There is a 10% discount on both Tennis and Pool if both are joined. Join Buyers' Club and recive 25% off apparel, shoes and bags; plus 15% of racquests and pickle paddles!
Tennis & pickleball membership rates: 

Age 19-29                        $215.00                 

Individual                         $280.00    
Couple                             $560.00   
Family                              $775.00              
  (Family includes high school and under, all under same roof.)
Super Sr                          $120.00       

  (Age 80+ by 8/28/17)
Jr.,Sr., College                 $205.00          
  (Jr = H.S.and younger; Sr = age 65-79 by 8/28/17; College = Full time, transcript required)
Junior Excellence (JE)    $225.00                
  (Must be enrolled in JE class to receive JE benefits)
Pickleball only                 $50.00


Q:  When and how do I renew my same court time/round robin for next season?
A:  Apply as soon as is convenient and by no later than April 15, by completing a signed membership-court time contract, and deliver same to the Club accompanied by the full deposit amount. 
The membership plus a $50 per player deposit is required on all non-lesson permanent court time or round robin leagues.  A minimum deposit of $200 per court for non-lesson permanent court time is required.  For example, typically two singles players reserving a court each deposit $100 to hold their court time. 
Each member reserving a permanent court time with a lesson is required to remit the membership deposit and $300 per player towards their pct lesson:  $100 of this deposit will need to be paid at the time of registration and the remaining $200 can be billed to the current member account.  
Q:  What forms of payment are accepted for the 2019-20 deposit?
A: Your NTC account must be current to take advantage of the pre-season membership discount by way of deposit on your court time for the 2019-20 season. Non payment of account will result in the court reservation being voided. Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card.
Q:  What if I am not sure what Round Robin I should be in next season?
A:  To guarantee a spot, apply for the Round Robin you are now in by April 15th but specify your first choice of day and time (same rating only) where indicated on the form.  Turn this application in at the earliest possible date to get in the preferred queue.  Promotions into higher ranked Round Robins will be offered when the Spring semester’s scores are tallied.


Q:  How do present court holders add or change a court time for next season?
A:  As with Round Robins, apply for your present court time as soon as is convenient, indicating your first choice (and hopefully others) where requested on the contract form.
Q:  If I do not currently have or I want an additional tennis or pickleball court time or league next season, when can I apply?
A:  As soon as is convenient.  In order to take advantage of the discounted membership fees, you must be signed up by no later than May 31st. There are still some PCT times available this season:  please inquire in the office. 
Q:  How do I take advantage of the “All In” Tennis AND Pool 10% disount?
A:  When you take out the 2nd of the two memberships you will be given the discount in the form of a credit to adult’s tennis accounts and provided to juniors in the form of a pro shop gift certificate.