Summer 2021 - Tennis & Pickleball

This summer NTC will have adult inhouse doubles leagues, three sessions of adult and junior lessons and drills, some free court times and various tournaments and events. 


Details can be viewed by clicking the links below.  



Tennis - Adult In-house Doubles Leagues 6/1/21 - 8/21


Tennis Lessons and Drills III - Mon 8/2 - Fri 8/21 

Vist the home page of the website for Choose Your Date registration.


Pickleball! - 6/1/21 - 8/21


USTA Tournaments


UTR Tournaments



Summer Club Hours:  Tuesday 8/2 through Sunday 8/21  




8 am - 8 pm

(free walk on for members 8-noon)


9 am - 8 pm

(free walk on for members 5pm-close)


9 am - 9 pm

(free walk on for members noon-5 pm)


9 am - 8 pm


2 pm 


Saturdays & Sundays:

9 - noon




Outside of free walk on hours:  $20/court hour for tennis, pickleball use the chart on the bright green flyer.  The guest fee is $8 and each guest is allowed to play 3 times only.  Walk on can be reserved up to an hour in advance.  The Monday and Tuesday night closing time is often extended and we are open some Friday nights 7-9 pm to accommodate USTA team matches. 


NTC Pro Shop:  The NTC Pro Shop is available during these hours with 10% NTC member discount on all but racquet services; and 25% discount on apparel, shoes, and bags and 15% discount on tennis racquets and pickleball paddles for 2021-22 Buyers’ Club Members.