Tennis Lessons and Drills II -  Mon 6/14 – Fri 7/30


This signup is for the 7 week series.  




Adult Beginner/Adv Beg.  Tues 530-630 pm, $140/mbr, $161/non-mbr

Adult Cardio Intermediate & up Tues 630-8 pm, $210/mbr, $252/non-mbr


Junior Players Mornings:


Sprouts (age 3-5):  Mon 830-9 am, $70/mbr, $91/non-mbr

Red Ball (age 6-8):  Tu 9-10 am, Th 9-10 am, $140/mbr, $161/non-mbr

Orange Ball (age 9-10):  Tu 10-11 am, Th 10-11 am, $140/mbr, $161/non-mbr

Green Ball (age 9-10):  Tu 11-noon, Th 11-noon, $140/mbr, $161/non-mbr

Yellow Ball (age 11+):  Tu 1030-noon, Th 1030-noon, $210/mbr, $252/non-mbr


Jr Excellence (JE) 10&Under:  Tu 9-1030 am, Th 9-1030 am, $210/mbr, $252/non-mbr

Jr Excellence (JE) Jr High:  Mon 9-1030 am, Wedn 9-1030 am, $210/mbr, $252/non-mbr

Jr Excellence (JE) High School:  Mon 1030-noon, Wedn  1030-noon, $210/mbr, $252/non-mbr


Match Play and Ball Machine Practice:  Fridays 8-noon (or any part of that time)   $280/mbr, $322/non-member 


This is a supervised activity open to all players to gain match experience and work on their game with the ball machine.  Send us an email if you are unsure of your readiness for this activity.  One need not attend the entire four hour period of time.


Junior Players Evenings:

Sprouts (age 3-5) Wedn 430-5 pm, $70/mbr, $91/non-mbr

Red Ball (age 6-8) Mon 5-6 pm, Tu 5-6 pm, $140/mbr, $161/non-mbr

Red Elite (Invite Only) Wedn 5-6 pm, $140/mbr, $161/non-mbr

Orange Ball (age 9-10) Mon 6-7 pm, Tu 6-7 pm, $140/mbr, $161/non-mbr

Green Ball (age 9-10) Mon 6-7 pm, Tu 6-7 pm, Wedn 6-7 pm, $140/mbr, $161/non-mbr

Yellow Ball (age 11+) Mon 7-8 pm, Tu 7-8 pm, Wedn 6-7 pm, $140/mbr, $161/non-mbr

JE 10 & Under Mon 530-7 pm, Tu 530-7 pm, Wedn 530-7 pm, $210/mbr, $252/non-mbr

JE 11 & up: Mon 530-7 pm, Tu 530-7 pm, Wedn 530-7 pm, $210/mbr, $252/non-mbr


Online Registration


You can register online by logging into your NTC account (see left margin).  If you have not registered for an onine account, please Click here for instructions. 


Summer Lesson Makeup Policy:  48 hour notice of cancellation is required to be sent to, in order to avoid being charged.   A maximum of 2 summer classes are allowed to be made up and must be made up in a summer session.  You may makeup before the absence if this best meets your needs.