Annual Adult Tennis & Pickleball Championship

Annual Adult Club Tennis Championships    &   Annual Club Pickleball Championships


Registration for this tournament runs through March.  All draws will be posted on the bulletin board at the beginning of April.  Play begins when draws are posted.  You may participate in as many divisions for which you are qualified.  All divisions require a minimum of eight entries for trophies to be awarded.  No flights will be combined to meet the minimum.  You schedule your own matches.  Matches will be played here, without exceptions, by the deadline of each designated round.


Tennis Divisions:

Women’s Singles - Open, 4.0-4.4, 3.5-3.9, 3.0-3.4, Novice, 45+

Women’s Doubles - Open, 4.0-4.4, 3.5-3.9, 3.0-3.4, Novice, 45+

Men’s Singles - Open, 4.0-4.4, 3.5-3.9, 3.0-3.4, 45+

Men’s Doubles - Open, 4.0-4.4, 3.5-3.9, 3.0-3.4, 45+

Mixed Doubles - Open, 4.0-4.4, 3.5-3.9, 3.0-3.4, 45+, Combined 100


Pickleball Divisions:

Women’s Singles - open

Women’s Doubles - open

Men’s Singles - open

Men’s Doubles – open

Mixed - open

Doubles – Co-ed over 65

Mixed - Combined 100


Do I need to be a member?  Yes, but inexpensive prorated memberships are available if, for example, your spouse needs t0 join for Mixed Doubles Entry.  This Pickleball inaugural season: Tennis members are pickleball members – through May 31, 2016.  A Pickleball only membership is available.

Which divisions should I enter?  Sign up for the division your NTRP or Club rating indicates.  (Club rating supercedes NTRP rating.)  Previous winners must move up to the higher division the following year.


How are matches scheduled?  Tennis, schedule at any time.  Call your opponent immediately when the draws are posted in early April to schedule a match here at the club.  Specifiy that it is for tournament play when you book to get the low tourney rate of $20 per court hour.  Also, the ‘reservations only 6 days in advance’ rule is waived for tournament reservations.  The Club purposely leaves blocks of time open during tournament time.  A deadline for each round is posted, deadlines are based on the total number of entries per division.  Winners are responsible for recording their own match scores on the draw sheets.  If you (or your opponent) is having difficulty meeting a deadline, contact Rich Pier, Tournament Director, immediately.  Pickleball matches can be scheduled during the first two hours of Pickleball Drop In or during the regular Pickleball reservation times:  Mon., Thurs. 1:30 - 4, Tues., Wedn. Noon  -  4, Sat 1230 - 530, Sun 11 a.m. - 930 p.m.


What is the format? How are ties handled?  Make sure you and your opponent are in agreement with the format before walking onto the court.  Decide how you will handle a tie situation.  You are welcome to ask any of the pro staff for recommendations.


Tennis:  You may play two out of three sets or an eight or ten game pro set.  Pickleball: You may play 3 games to 11 by 2.  You may agree to play Pickleball singles matches cross-court only.


Awards:  If there are at least 2 entries in a division, both first and second place names will appear on the permanent record board.  If there are at least eight entries in a division a first and second place trophy will also be awarded.


How many rounds will I play?  This is a single elimination tournament with no entry fee.  You just pay for what you play!  ($20.00/hr = $7.50 each for 1.5 hours of doubles. )


Who supplies the Tennis Balls?  Both parties bring an unopened can – the winner takes home the unopened can.  


Pickle Balls:  Each brings and takes home an indoor pickle ball.  (Balls are available for purchase at the front desk.


How do I sign up?  Register by phone, email or by writing your name on the bulletin board registration forms.


Good Luck and Have Fun !