2021-22 Junior Developmental Lesson Schedule 

NTC 2021-22 Children Lessons 3v1.pdf
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Session I is from Monday 8/23 to Sunday 10/17/21 which is 8 weeks.  
No lessons are held on Labor Day 9/6/21 making Monday a 7 week session.


Multi-class Sign-up Incentive:  

10% off all classes by same student when sign up for 2 or more.  The more you play the faster you improve.  Members only.  All classes can be taken by non-members for a slightly higher fee. 


Sprout: Ages 3-5      Register Here

36 foot Micro Court: Foam Balls: 19-21 inch racquets.  Equipment available in NTC Pro Shop. 
This class teaches children the building blocks for tennis and athletic movement. We focus on the ABCs: agility, balance and coordination in a fun-based tennis environment. 


Red Ball : Ages 6-8    Register Here

36 foot Micro Court: Red Balls: 19-23 inch racquets.  Equipment available in NTC Pro Shop. 
This class is for the beginning tennis player. Through drills and games we teach the ABCs: agility, balance and coordination, along with an introduction to all the basic tennis strokes. Our goal is to have the athletes begin rallying.  


Red Elite (by invite only)   Register Here

36 foot Court: Red Balls: 19-23 inch racquets.  Equipment available in NTC Pro Shop. 
This class is geared towards advanced young players who have the ability to consistently serve, return, rally and are interested in match play. There will be emphasis on strategy and point construction. 


Orange:  Age 9-10   Register Here

60 foot Court: Orange Balls: 23-25 inch racquets.  Equipment available in NTC Pro Shop. 
This class is designed for beginners and players with minimal tennis experience. Athletes will work on the ABC’s (agility, balance, coordination and speed) along with technical instruction on the basic tennis strokes including groundstrokes, serves, returns and net play, including an introduction to singles, doubles and proper scoring. 


Green Ball: Ages: 9-10   Register Here


78 foot Full Court: Green Balls: 25-27 inch racquets.  Equipment available in NTC Pro Shop. 
This program is for the 9-10 year old taking the next step transitioning to the yellow ball and full court. Athletes have passed through the Red, and Orange classes. There will be a strong emphasis on developing technical skills through game situations. Athletes will be exposed to different swing patterns, footwork patterns and point strategies. 


Yellow Ball: Age 11 & up  Register Here

For the Beginner-Adv. Beginner player, we teach all the basic strokes and introduce singles and doubles match play.  If planning for HS team, we recommend drilling 3+ hrs & a private lesson each week.


Refund policy:  Fees are non-refundable except as follows.  A pro-rated credit shall be issued to a student who is asked to withdraw from a class due to not meeting level requirements.  A credit less a 10% admin charge will be issued for:  1) medical reasons the credit is issued from emailed notification date.  (With doctor verification the 10% fee does not apply.);  2) to a student who drops a class before the start of a session provided the class is not full;  3) to a student from the date they are replaced in a class.  There are no refunds for tournament absences.

Class Change policy:  Schedule changes incur a $10 fee, one fee is waived per season.  Exception is made for level changes.
Make-up Policy:  Notify us in advance by emailing  info@NapervilleTennis.com if you will miss a class. Due to Covid-19, you must include the reason you are going to miss the class.  Although we will try, we cannot guarantee the availability of a suitable make up option that works with your schedule. Once a make-up has been confirmed it cannot be rescheduled.  We allow 1 makeup in session I, 3 makeups in session II and 2 makeups in session III.  All make ups must be completed no more than 2 weeks into the next session.  

Not under NTC Control:  No credits are given or make-ups allowed for weather emergencies, loss of power caused by the City of Naperville, government restrictions, or acts of God.

Proper Attire:  Participants need proper court attire and non-marking athletic shoes.  Juniors should have an age/size appropriate racquet.