USTA Net Generation Volunteer Schools Program

Attention Parents of School Age Children ….

You Can Bring the Game of Tennis to Your School through the Naperville Tennis Club and USTA Net Generation Program.

Naperville Tennis Club professionals have volunteered in District 203 for many years to help introduce the game of tennis to school students.  We are excited to announce a new program with USTA, called Net Generation, which allows our club to continue this program with the addition of FREE equipmentand a new curriculum.  

Most recently, students at Kingsley, Scott, and Steeple Run Elementary Schools have benefited from NTC professionals, including 10 & Under specialist Barb Rueth, to lead their P.E. classes.  As a Net Generation provider, the Naperville Tennis Club is eager to share and develop this new partnership program at all of our local schools. It is a great way to get students excited about the life-long game of tennis!

Ask your school to take advantage of the numerous benefits of this program!

To learn more, email  and/or visit the Net Generation website at