This 10-week Session runs Monday, June 5 - Friday, August 11, except July 3 & 4. Both Members and Non-Members can sign up. Register for the entire session, purchase a Summer 10 Lesson Package, or enroll using the Choose Your Date (CYD) option. Sign up by the first day of class and receive a 10% discount!  Classes are pro-rated throughout the Session. When using the links below, the system will display non-member pricing until you are logged in.


Adult Beginner-Advanced Beginner:   
Wednesday 9:30-10:30 am
Wednesday 10:30 am - Noon  (Pickleball Learn & Play)
Wednesday 7-8 pm
Wednesday 8-9 pm
Thursday 7-8 pm

Adult Intermediate:  
Monday 7-8:30 pm  (Pickleball Dink & Play)
Thursday 5:30-7 pm
Thursday 7-8:30 pm
Friday 8-9:30 am

Adult Advanced:
Monday 7-8:30 pm
Tuesday 9-10:30 am
Thursday 9-10:30 am



All Jr. Excellence (JE) programs require a JE membership, other programs do not.  Memberships cannot be done online.  Both Tennis & Pool memberships include Pickleball (PB) and there is also a stand-alone Pickleball Membership at NTC.  Junior tennis and PB classes (besides JE) allow the junior player to receive a tennis member price if their parent(s) are pool or tennis members.  Pool members require tennis membership for Tennis Adult & JE member pricing.  Ask about discount for joining both pool and tennis.