Recent Events

Naperville Tennis Club hosted our March USTA Orange Ball Progression tournament on Saturday, March 18. 8 boys and 13 girls participated in the event.
NTC's next event is on March 31. Register online at
Girls Orange Ball:
Winner: Kaitlyn Strilich
Finalist: Julia Ludwig
Sportsmanship: Gabrielle David 
Boys Orange Ball:
Winner: Barry Zhu
Finalist: David Borislavov
Sportsmanship: Cameron Livingston
Just FYI: The USTA Progression rules are as follows:
For each division (orange and green), a player must accumulate a combination of 20 stars and/or trophies in order to 'progress' to the next level (ball color).
A player receives 4 stars for every tournament in which he/she completes
A player receives 4 trophies for every tournament he/she wins
A player receives 3 trophies for every tournament he/she is a finalist
A player receives 5 stars for completing a USTA Junior Team Tennis season
For more information on these rules, follow this link:

Congrats to all the participants and spectators for the last tourney of winter break: The NTC January Classic on January 3-4, 2017.


B12s = Jason Sze (champion) and Adrian Salgado (finalist)
B14s = Ryan Cahill (champion) and Andrew Spurck (finalist)
B16s = Casey Hishinuma (champion) and Andrew McMillin (finalist)
G14s = Jenna Stevens (champion) and Lauren Sobieski (finalist)
G16s = Abbey Woods (champion) and Eden Short (finalist)
B10U Green = Ben Graft (champion) and Jaden Woller-Li (finalist)

Congrats to all the participants from the 2017 NTC New Year's Bash USTA/CDTA One Day Plus - Midwest Level 4  
NTC New Year's Bash, Jan 1-2
B14s = Casey Hishinuma (champion) and Artur Slomba (finalist)
B16s = Andy Dong (champion) and Graham Singer (finalist)
B18s = Joseph Daw (champion) and John Singer (finalist)
G16s = Sonia Varma (champion) and Alyssa Batcheler (finalist)
G10s Green Ball = Alex Grinis (champion) and Jacinta Villalobos (finalist)
Naperville Orange Youth Progression, Jan 2
B10s Orange Ball = Adrian Drabik (champion) and Teo Sire (finalist)
G10s Orange Ball = Mia Soso (champion) and Nadia Barbieri (finalist)
Sportsmanship Award: Brandon Chie

The 2016 NTC Snowflake Open held on 12/28-12/29 was a great event! Thank you to the players and spectators for helping us wrap up the year!

B18s: Christopher Maltby (Champion), William Isiminger (Finalist)
B16s: Graham Singer (Champion), Perry Hoag (Finalist)
B14s: Sujan Garapatia (Champion), Ethan Thieu (Finalist)
B12s: Jason Sze (Champion), Akshay Baid (Finalist)
G14s: Jenna Stevens (Champion), McKenzie Washington (Finalist)
G12s: Madeline Hills (Champion), Kaya Trumbo (Finalist)
Sportsmanship Award: Sullivan Monteith

Congrats to the NTC Christmas Classic participants and spectators for making the tourney a great success! 

B16s: Hayden Friese (Champion), Sean Wangelin (Finalist);
B14s: Konrad Kwiatkowski (Champion), Edward Wang (Finalist);
G16s: Gerda Jucys (Champion), Kavya Rachapalli (Finalist).
Great job everyone! Thank you for playing at NTC!

A big congrats to the players and spectators who attended our 2016 USTA/CDTA NTC Solstice Slam on December 17 and 18.  Everyone demonstrated great tennis! 
G14s: Thea Latak (Champion); Nicole Hu (Finalist)
B12s: Marcel Latak (Champion); Ian Wolan (Finalist)
B14s: Edward Wang (Champion); Jack Treiber (Finalist)
B16s: Ansh Shah (Champion); Devin Greeno (Finalist)


On December 13th Naperville Tennis Club's annual Raise a Racquet for Hesed House event was a huge success with 40+ tennis and pickleball players coming out for some free play.


The donations brought to the event will be most appreciated and useful in aiding the Hesed House in their mission to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless and give people the chance to hope again.


Donations will be accepted through Friday, December 16th.


Thank you again to all who participated!

Naperville Tennis Club hosted over  20 players in out last USTA Green and Orange Ball Progression tournament of 2016 this past weekend, December 2-3.
NTC's next event is on Januar 2/3. Register online at
Boys Green Ball:
Winner:  Matas Latvys
Finalist: Zachary Bobofchak 
Girls Green Ball:
Winner: Chloe Goins
Finalist: Kotryna Tomas
Boys Orange Ball:
Winner: Barry Zhu
Finalist: Casey Lynch
Sportsmanship Winners were:
Adrian Drabik
Casey Lynch
NOTE: The USTA has new Orange and Green Ball Progression rules nationally for 2016, the Midwest Section is implementing the following rules:
For each division (orange and green), a player must accumulate a combination of 20 stars and/or trophies in order to 'progress' to the next level (ball color).
A player receives 4 stars for every tournament in which he/she completes
A player receives 4 trophies for every tournament he/she wins
A player receives 3 trophies for every tournament he/she is a finalist
A player receives 5 stars for completing a USTA Junior Team Tennis season
For more information on these rules, follow this link:
Naperville Tennis Club hosted a successful and well attended USTA Green and Orange Ball Progression tournament this past weekend, November 18-20. 16 players competed in the green ball events and over 20 in the Orange Ball event. We had players from all over the Chicagoland area and Wisconsin competing.
NTC's next 10U event is December 2-4 This is our last 10U green and orange tourney of the year. Register online at
Boys Green Ball:
Winner: Finn Pollard
Finalist: Hadi Dassani
Girls Green Ball:
Winner: Abigail Gambla
Finalist: Jacinta Villalobos
Boys Orange Ball:
Winner: Bodie Teuscher
Finalist: Casey Lynch
Girls Orange Ball:
Winner: Teagan Manning
Finalist: Jia Champlin
Sportsmanship Awards were given to:
Green Ball: Augustine Villalobos
Orange Ball: Ella Fassbinder
NOTE: The USTA has new Orange and Green Ball Progression rules nationally for 2016, the Midwest Section is implementing the following rules:
For each division (orange and green), a player must accumulate a combination of 20 stars and/or trophies in order to 'progress' to the next level (ball color).
A player receives 4 stars for every tournament in which he/she completes
A player receives 4 trophies for every tournament he/she wins
A player receives 3 trophies for every tournament he/she is a finalist
A player receives 5 stars for completing a USTA Junior Team Tennis season
For more information on these rules, follow this link:

Naperville Tennis Club hosted our September USTA Green and Orange Ball Progression tournament this past weekend, Sept. 23-24, with over 20 kids participating!

NTC's has 3 more tourneys this year, Oct 21-22, Nov, 18-19, Dec. 2-3. Register online at
Boys Green Ball:
Winner: Saahil Gupte
Finalist: Mateusz Wlodarczyk
Girls Green Ball 
Winner: Megan Trifilio
Finalist: Gabby Lee
Sportsmanship: Kotryna Tomas
Boys Orange Ball:
Winner: Blake Gold
Finalist: Sho Muradoz
Sportsmanship: Cary Geroge
Girls Orange Ball:
Winner: Clare Lopatka
Finalist: Surina Iyengar
Sportsmanship: Julia Ludwig
NOTE: The USTA has new Orange and Green Ball Progression rules nationally for 2016, the Midwest Section is implementing the following rules:
For each division (orange and green), a player must accumulate a combination of 20 stars and/or trophies in order to 'progress' to the next level (ball color).
A player receives 4 stars for every tournament in which he/she completes
A player receives 4 trophies for every tournament he/she wins
A player receives 3 trophies for every tournament he/she is a finalist
A player receives 5 stars for completing a USTA Junior Team Tennis season
For more information on these rules, follow this link:



Congrats to the USTA Last Fling Open Champs, Finalists, and all participants. We had a great weekend of tennis! B18s, Christopher Veltkamp (Champion), Bradley Yu (Finalist). B16s, Joris Bizys (Champion), Alexander Veltkamp (Finalist). B12s, Amaye Shyani (Champion), Adam Kane (Finalist). G12s, Alina Shyani (Champion), Michelle Kostadinova (Finalist). 

Sportsmanship Awards: Nathra Ramrajvel, Uju Kim, and Julian Cohen. See you for the next event!!

Naperville Tennis Club hosted our last outdoor USTA Orange Ball Progression tournament this past weekend, August 20. The tourney was moved indoors to NTC due to rain.

NTC's next event is indoors on Sept 23-24 . Register online at

Results from the weekend include:

Boys Orange Ball:
Winner: Winston Stangle
Finalist: Matthew Sikorski
Sportsmanship: Tomas Radzevicius
Gilrs Orange Ball:
Winner: Madison Williams
Finalist: Haley Martin
Sportsmanship: Leah Gaidos

The 2015-16 iCompete season-ending Championship results are in!!! These were some great matches!!

10 O:
not contested
Mihir Arya 1st place in points
Rinush Thiagu 2nd place in points
10 G:
Alon Sholtens Champion
Walter Szulczewski Finalist
Arian Hadzikademic Champion
Uju Kim Finalist
not contested
Caroline Austgen 1st place in points
Mathilda Smith 2nd place in points
Visagan Subramanian Champion
Danny Clepper Finalist
Cassie Weyker Champion
Ellen Hancock Finalist
Matt Gillman Champion
Danny Clepper Finalist

Congrats to all the Championship participants. The new season starts this weekend and everyone is at zero points, so start earning!! New dates being added online throughout the season!



Last week we were thrilled to host Benet Alumn, Leah Tzakis's "Senior Tennis Connect" program which provided an amazing tennis experience for a special group of players. For more information on her program check out the website. This is one amazing young lady and her vision, compassion, and impact are truly appreciated by all who were a part of the fun.



Congrats to NTC's 12U Team Lightning who took a 4th place finish at the USTA Midwest Sectional JTT Championships! Coach Mitchell and Coach Hugh, along with all of the NTC staff, are so very proud of your accomplishment! Way to go: Kate Trifilio, David Richardson, Avery Lazaro, Callie Genovese, Luke Fernandez, and Rohith Koneru! Your season was simple awesome and we look forward to your continued success!





Congrats to NTC's 10U Green Dot Advanced Team finishing 6th place at USTA Midwest Sectional JTT Championships. Coach Sue and all NTC's staff are so proud of your efforts! Way to go: Rowan Ing, Gabby Lee, Nathan Lee, Evan Lin, Megan Trifilio, Abigail Gambla!




Congrats to NTC's USTA JTT 14s sqaud for their 2nd place finish at the Chicago District Championships! Way to go team! We are proud of your hard work all season!

Naperville Tennis Club hosted our 4th USTA Green and Orange Ball Progression tournament of 2016 this past weekend, April 22-24. Nearly 30 athletes competed in 4 events. 
NTC will be holding one tournament per month in 2016. Our next event is May 6-8. Register online at
Boys Green Ball:
Winner: Arian Lagarija
Finalist: Garvin Muray
Girls Green Ball: 
Winner: Clarissa Chen
Finalist: Megan Trifilio
Boys Orange Ball: 
Winner: Sid Javeri
Finalist: Matas Jatvys
Girls Orange: 
Winner: Chelsea Boruff
Finalist: Shane Delaney
Sportsmanship Winners: Jacinta Villalobos
NOTE: The USTA has new Orange and Green Ball Progression rules nationally for 2016, the Midwest Section is implementing the following rules:
For each division (orange and green), a player must accumulate a combination of 20 stars and/or trophies in order to 'progress' to the next level (ball color).
A player receives 4 stars for every tournament in which he/she completes
A player receives 4 trophies for every tournament he/she wins
A player receives 3 trophies for every tournament he/she is a finalist
A player receives 5 stars for completing a USTA Junior Team Tennis season
For more information on these rules, follow this link:

Naperville Tennis Club played in two away USTA Junior Team Tennis matches on Saturday, March 19. 


- 12 and Under NTC Thunder at Courts Plus
- 10 and Under Green Ball NTC at Wheaton


We are now finished for March and ready for April and May matches in the West Suburban League.

Naperville Tennis Club hosted another USTA Junior Team Tennis fun-filled Saturday evening, March 5. We hosted over 50 players in many different divisions.


- 10 and Under Orange Ball: NTC vs. Courts Plus
- 14 and Under: NTC vs Wheaton
- 14 and Under Quad Match: NTC (Court Jesters), Midtown Chicago, Schaumburg, and South Barrington Club

Naperville Tennis Club another USTA Junior Team Tennis extravaganza on February 5-6.


Our 12 and Under Lightning Team visited Wheaton Sport Center for a February 5 match.


We hosted over 50 players in many different divisions.

- 10 and Under Green Ball: NTC vs. Schaumburg Tennis Plus
- 14 and Under: NTC vs Courts Plus
- 18 and Under Triangular Match: NTC and Courts Plus and Schaumburg

(this 18s Intermediate team went undefeated for the season....Congrats to all players.....good luck to boys in their high school season).



                                  18 Int Team
                                  Claire Burelbach
                                  Chandani  Bansal
                                  Ryan Slade
                                  Rohan Parepally
                                  Liza Dreyer
                                  Ava St. Clair
                                  George Bull
                                  Sarah Burke
                                  Kirk Williams
                                  Kunal Ghadge


Friday 2/12 our 18 and Under Advanced Team visits South Barrington Tennis Club for our last match of the season. We play Chicago Midtwon, South Barrington and Wheaton Sport Center. Good luck to this team!


2016 Annual Club Championship - High School Boys


On Friday, January 29, 2016, the NTC held its Annual Club Championship - High School Boys Tournament, open to any NTC Junior member who is currently in high school (freshman through senior year).  There were 16 boys who entered the event. 

In the Championship Playoff Flight (vying for 1st/2nd place of the overall event), Alex Zhao beat Scott Carlson 6-0 in one semifinal and Will Johnson beat Marc Gozali 6-3 in the other semifinal.  In the championship match, Alex Zhao beat Will Johnson 6-1 to win the event!  In the consolation final, Scott Carlson beat Marc Gozali 7-6(7).
All of the boys played a lot of tennis, with each playing 18 total games and then each playing 2 sets in the Playoff Stage.  Many parents were also there, watching their sons compete and having a fun night of tennis!  

Congratulations to Alex Zhao for winning the event and Will Johnson for being the runner-up, and to all of the boys for coming out to play a full evening of tennis!


Naperville Tennis Club hosted their 1st USTA Green and Orange Ball Progression tournament of 2016 this past weekend, January 22-25. Nearly 50 children from the Midwest competed in the events.


NTC will be holding one Orange/Green Progression Tournament per month in 2016.

Our next event is February 19-21 Register online at





Boys Green Ball: Draw of 14
Winner: Soloman Dunsirn
Finalist: Caden Liu





Girls Green Ball: Draw of 14
Winner: AlinaShyan
Finalist: Sofia Olaru



Boys Orange Ball: Draw of 8
Winner: Kaden Le 
Finalist: Garvin Murray
Girls Orange: Draw of 12
Winner: Mia Bianco 
Finalist: Clare Lopatka
Sportsmanship Winners:
Girls: Ashley Donovan, Sydney Shuster and Kruthi Krudhir 
Boys: Keian Lam and Zidan Lam 

On September 5th, 2015 NTC hoste the NTC Last Fling Open.  Congrats to the folowing players: 


B16 Champion - Chritopher Veltkamp

B16 Finalist - Matthew Lee

B12 Champion - Conner Zhao

B12 Finalist - Jacob Baldwin

G12 Champion - Tiffany Zhang

G12 Finalist - Emma Chirila

NTC held 3 great 10U tourneys.


Boys Green: 
Winner: Jonah Becker 
Finalist: Alex Brown (from NTC JE Program)


Girls Green: 
Winner: Mira Kernagis
Finalist: Victoria Switala


Co-Ed Orange Ball:
Winner: Aarav Nair (from NTC JE program)
Finalist: Rathin Shah


Congrats to everyone!!

Tennis and Pool Party for the Benefit of the Wounded Warrior Project


On August 23rd we hosted a tennis and pool party to benefit the WWP.  Thank you to our sponser for this event: 


Kathy Johns

Mary McNamara

Angleis Itailian Restaurant and Catering



Ed Boman of Stewart Keator Kessberger & Lederer Inc.

The NTC Pro Staff


And thank you to our many participants for this great event!!


10U Advanced Team WINS Midwest Sectional Championship!

Naperville Tennis Club 10U Advanced Team WINS Midwest Sectional Championship!
The Naperville Tennis Club's 10 and Under Tennis Team captured the Midwest Sectional trophy in Indianaoplis, IN on August 1. The 10U Advanced tournament division consisted of 8 district team champions from throughout the Midwest. The NTC team, consisting of 3 girls and 4 boys, dominated 3 teams in their flight to advance to the championship round with wins over:

- 5Star Plainfield, IL
- North Shore Elite - Milwaukee, WI
- Chargrin Valley - Chagrin Fall, Ohio


In the finals, they defeated a team from West Bloomfield, Michigan.

We are very proud of our 10U Team:


Luke Fernandez
Aadit Gandhi
Mira Kernagis
Thea Latak
Nathan Lee
Daniel Rabinovich
Kate Trifilio


The team is coached by NTC's 10U Specialist, Barb Rueth.

Naperville Tennis Pros at Scott Elementary

The Naperville Tennis Staff volunteered at the Scott Elementary Field Days to wrap up the 2014-15 school year. They ran stations of:


- Battle Cones

- Agility and footwork

- Four-Square

- Fierce Wipe Out competition


The 225 3rd-5th graders had a great experience and fun exposure to addition to all the Scott Elemenatary fun-filled Field Days activities.


NTC hopes to further integrate tennis into other District 203 schools. In December, NTC also ran a tennis unit as part of Scott's PE curriculum.


Thanks for Mrs. Kayla Wagner, the awesome PE teacher at Scott, for inviting NTC!

USTA Tournament

NTC hosted Green and Orange Earned Advancement tournaments over the weekend.


We had over 20 boys and 16 girls in the green ball events. We also hosted 15 orange ball players for the orange ball event.


Winners included:

Green Boys: Dean Kamenov Champion, Andrew Spurck runner up, Alexander Kotarksi, consolation winner

Green Girls: Katrina Dy champion,, Stela Vlaisavlievic runner up, Gabriella Felder, consolation winner


Orange Boys: Johnny Mou Champion, Vincent Yin runner up, AshwinChawla, 3rd Place

Orange Girls: Anna Wiskowski Champion, Alea Ritchie runner up, Maria Rosca 3rd Place


Vincent and Maria are members of the Junior Excellence 10 and Under program at NTC!


Congrats to all.

NTC Adult Team Tennis


 NTC hosted the first Adult Team Tennis Mixer on Friday Feb 27th. Players were grouped into two levels of two opposing teams. For the A Level, Team "Bicek 3" competed against Team "L2". Players for "Bicek 3" were: John, Susie and Frank Bicek, Don, Joe, Wayne, Sue, and Jean. Players for "L2" were: Lani, Kris, Caroline, Carol, JC, Syl, Joe, and Bryan. The score was a very close, with 6 sets won by each team, the captain's counted games won at 42 to 39 in favor of team "Bicek 3". For the B Level, "The Pirates" beat "Team Alpha" by a score of 7-5. "The Pirates" were: Gordon, Ruth, Lianyan, Judy, Loren, Tim, Scott, and Donald. "Team Alpha" was: Diane, Debbie, Dee, Mike, Mark, Francis, Faben, and Tip. At the conclusion of the on court activities, all players gathered for snacks and drinks while NTC's Meredith Petri presented the fun awards in the following categories:


Brightest Shirt: Dee


Cool Patterns: Loren


Best Shot off the Lights: Judy


1st Arrival to the Event: The Colemans


Shirt Most Like the Caribbean Sea: Tip


Best Shoelaces: Joe Grabowski


Best Facial Expressions: Jean


Baton Twirler: JC


Tough Stuff: Sue D


RSVP-er: Kris


Chilly Man: Bryan


The players agreed that the format was fun as they were able to sub in and out during the four rounds. The next team tennis event will be on March 20th. Please call or email the club to sign-up for these really fun events!

iCompete Tennis Event

2/13 and 2/15 iCompete Tennis League for Juniors hosted several events at NTC. 


On the 13th the B15, Girl's Open and Boy's Open all had events at NTC.  In the B15's Abinav G. was the finalist and Natahn P. was the Champion.  In the Girl's Open Ana P. was a the finalist and Pooja A. was the Champion.  In teh Boy's Open, Ryan H. was the finalist and Jonathan B. was the Champion. 

On 2/15 the 10's Green and the 12's had events at NTC.  In the 10's Green Daniel W. was the finalist and Luke F. was the Champion.  In the 12's Visagan S. was the finalist and Sivaayan S. was the Champion. 


Great job everyone!!

Cupid's Couples Mixer

Saturday, Februrary 14th NTC hosted 20 couples two hours of tennis and socializing afterwards  Great fun, wine and food was shared by all!



Sat. 12/20 - Tu 12/23      Equinox Bash - USTA Midwest Level 5  

Adult Doubles Events:                                                                 

                Mixed Doubles

                Brother-Brother Doubles

                Brother-Sister Doubles

                Sister-Sister Doubles     

                Husband-Wife Doubles                

                Parent Child Doubles

Junior Events:    Girls’ (16,18) singles, doubles Boys’ (16,18) singles, doubles

Adult Singles Events:

Women's Singles NTRP ratings:  3.0, 3.5, 4.0

Men's Singles NTRP ratings:  3.0, 3.5, 4.0

iCompete Tennis Event


On Tuesday, December 23rd NTC hosted a Boys Open and Girls Open event for the iCompete Tennis League.  Nathan P. and Ana P. were are champions this day!  Congrats to them both!!


On Monday December 22nd NTC hosted a 10 & Under, G15 and B15 iCompete Events.  The 10's Champion and Finalist were Luke F. and Vincent Y.  The G15 Champion and Finalist were Tiffany Z. and Chandani B. and the B15 Champion and Finalist were Nathan P. and Ryan H.  Congrats to them all!!


On Friday, December 19th Naperville Tennis hosted the 12's division of the iCompete Tennis League.  The evenings Champion was Visagan S. and the Finalist was Akash B.  Congrats to them both!


Hesed House Fundraiser


 On December 16th we hosted over 30 people for open play to benefit the Hesed House.  Players brought a donation and were able to enjoy 2 hours of doubles play!  Thank you for  your donations and for making this event a huge success for a great organization!!

USTA Green and Orange Earned Advanced 

Orange Ball Boys



We held a Green Earned Advanced and Orange Earned Advanced Tournament December 12/13. 


For the Green Ball event, we had a 4-girl round robin and 11 boys in a full draw with consolation. Our own NTC Mira Kernagis, won the girls competition. Kinari Hirano won the boys, with Jack Treiber taking the runner up spot.


For the Orange Earned Advancement tourney, we had 4 boys in a round robin and 12 girls. In the boys event, NTC's own Nathan Lee won the championship. NTC member Vincent Yin was a semifinalist. On the girls side, Shrada Grover was the winner and Crystina Lee the runner up. NTC player, Isha Elandassery was a semifinalist.




Orange Ball Girls



On FridaySaturday and Sunday, we held a 10 and Under Green Dot ball singles tournament. 24 girls and 24 boys participated.


Boys Winner: Devan Carse    (you have photos from Ginger)

Runner Up: Ramen Marzban

Girls Winner: Gracie Ha

Runner Up: Stiya Gourammagari



On Saturday evening, we held an Orange Ball Advancement tournament, We had 13 girls and 12 boys compete.


Boys Winner: Luke Fernandez (our very own NTC JE player)

Runner Up: David Richardson

Girls Winner: Carlyn Burdett

Runner Up: Mana Usui


On Thursday November 27, the Naperville Tennis Club held the annual Thanksgiving Classic USTA tournament.  Over 45 kids entered the event in the 4 divisions of the tournament.  There were many close matches, and lots of kids from around the Midwest who came to play.  Every entrant received a T-shirt and a Goody bag for entering.  Each match used the no-ad format with a best 2 out of 3 sets to take the match.  With many hard fought matches, it was evident that the quality of play was high.  Kids were hustling for shots and trying their best to win each point.  NTC had a great showing at the event with many of the players playing at the club.  Some of the players from the club in the tournament: Jonathan Monovich (Boys 16 Finalist), Bailey Chen (Boys 16 Semifinalist), Alexandra Dram, Peter Davis, Ryan Guan, James Erwin, and Katherine Ho.  Congratulations to all and hope to see everyone next year!



Boys 16 singles

Champion: Anthony Nguyen

Finalst: Jonathan Monovich


Girls 16 singles

Champion: Christina Stankovic

Finalist: Elizabeth Stefancic

Wounded Warrior Fundraiser

Naperville Tennis hosted an evening of tennis to benefit The Wounded Warrior Project on November 15th.  Over 50 players came out to drill, play and enjoy delicious appetizers and drinks. The silent auction was a huge success bring great prizes to our players and generous donations to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Thank you to all who participated!!


Parent Child Tournament

On Sunday, November 9, the Naperville Tennis Club’s Parent/Child Round Robin event (in the elementary division) was a huge success!  This event, for the elementary school kids, had 8 teams sign up to play a fun-filled 2 hours of tennis.  Some kids played with their Moms, some played with their Dads, and one even played with his Grandfather!  The 8 teams were separated into two groups of 4 teams – the younger kids (and their parents/grandfather) were grouped into the orange-dot ball level, while the older kids (and their parents) were grouped into the green-dot ball level.  The orange-dot group played using the 10 & Under lines and the green-dot group played using the full court.

After a brief warm-up period, the fun began with each team playing five 20-minute rounds against the other teams in their group (each team played two other teams in their group twice and another team once).  In the green-dot group, there were very long rallies, with both kids and parents hitting great shots all over the court (many points ended up having 20+ shots in the rally!).  In the orange-dot group, the kids were enthusiastically running towards the ball and were excited to hit shots back-and-forth.  The Parents, who were continually giving the kids positive encouragement, also enjoyed their time on the court, both in their playing tennis and in spending some fun time with their kids!

USTA Orange Advanced Tournament


October 18 - USTA Orange Advancement Tourney

We held a boys and girls Round Robin Orange Advancement Tourney on October 18
11 Boys and 8 girls p[participated in the event. 
Players came from as far as suburban Milwaukee to play.
Girls winner: Thea Latak (takes private lessons from Matt T) defeated Asma Wazir 12-10 in a nailbiting Super-Tie Break for the finals
NTC players: Thea Latak, Madison Fugiel, Chrystina Lee
Boys winner: Dominik Kamimsk defeated Shashwat Srivasta 17-15 in an amazing Super-Tie Break for the finals
NTC Players: Luke Fugiel
Each boy had 5 round robin matches before the 2 playoff rounds.
Each girl had 3 round robin matches before the 2 playoff rounds
October 11 - USAT Orange Advancement Tourney
We held a boys only Round Robin Orange Advancement Tourney on October 11
8 Boys participated in the event. 
Boys winner: Akash Bansal defeated Aadit Gandhi in a short 4-3 set (both NTC players!)
NTC Players: Akash Bansal, Aadit Gandhi, Vincent Yin, Nathan Lee, Luke Fernandez
Each boy had 3 round robin matches before the 2 playoff rounds
Each player in both tournament received a t-shirt and goody bag for entering.

Jack Barry Championship

4.0 Jack Barry Ladies Team captures the championship!

The Naperville Tennis Club's 4.0 Jack Barry Ladies Team captured the championships on Saturday, May 10th! The number five ranked Naperville upset the top seeded team in the semis and the number two seed in the finals to capture the championship. The two singles and threee doubles matches were tied at a 2-2 match score when Naperville's First Court Singles players, June Guse, bested Oak Lawn's top singles player clinching the season titles with a score of 7-5, 6-4. 


It takes an entire team two win 1st place in a tough division of 12 teams. The following players all played enough matches to become playoff eligible - congratulate them for a fantastic season next time you see them here at the Naperville Tennis Club! 


Bianchi, Kathy

Emerick, Joan

Gaynes, Sue

Guse, June

Hootman, Lisa

Jankauskas, Karime

Keough, Sue

Lyons, Lani

Madura, Kris

Nagle, Jen

Palasz, Jean

Paperiello, Bev

Rivera, Nikki

Roehrig, Isabell

Solak, Roseann

Walla, Trella

Castiotta, Kelly

Jack Berry League 4.0 Women upset 1st place team and head to finals!

Player in the Spotlight for January 2014:


Samantha Choi, 13 year old from Warrenville, started playing and training for competitive tennis when she was 10 years old with coach Gus Fernandes. Sam's latest tourney results are:


1. Level 2 g14 quarter finalist. December 7, 2013

2. Level 1 g14 consolation semi finalist. November 9, 2013

3. Level 5 g14 champion September 14, 2013

4. USTA regional tournament quarter finalist Kalamazoo 2013


Congrats to Sam Choi for being the NTC's hardworking Player in the Spotlight!

Year-End Slam - December 29th-31st 2013


Naperville Tennis Club hosted the Year-End Slam Level 6 Tournament on December 29th- December 31st. There were 80 participants and 10 age divisions.


Boys & Girls 10s Matches:

Jonathan Waugh won the Boys 10's in a very close and exciting match finally prevailing 7-6, 3-6, 7-6 over his brother Ryan Waugh. Ethan Hindle took 3rd place over Niyanth Puliyala 6-4, 7-6. Girls 10's was won by #1 seed Katie Dollens over #2 seed Amanda Lopykinski 6-0, 6,0. Sophia Baker came in third beating Vica Marateo 6-3, 6-3.


Boys & Girls 12's Matches:

Boys 12's was won by Devin Greeno who defeated Rahut Korrapati 7-5, 6-0. Ryan Zheng beat Jacob Frederick in the consolation bracket 5-7, 6-3, (10-8). The #3 seed Mackenzie Anthony defeated #2 seed Emma Baker 7-5, 6-2 in the Girls 12's and Allyce Gaborik beat Hannah Neuman for 3rd Place.


Boys & Girls 14's Matches:

Boys 14's was won by Nicholas Liu 6-3, 6-1 over #2 seed Kyle Burton. Sean Boland took 3rd place defeating Ian Doyle 6-0, 6-3. Adeline Lang won the Girls 14's over Rima Bartuce and Sopia Hanna won the consolation bracket. 


Boys & Girls 16's-18's Matches:

In the Boys 16's, the #1 seed Tytus Metzler defeated #2 seed Jonathan Monovich 6-2, 6-0. Kevin Yiu came in third. The Girls 16's was won by Elizabeth Stefancik over #1 seed Hannah Davis 6-0, 7-5. Jessica Chen came in third. Jake Kokoris defeated Michael Emory to win the Boys 18's. Ryan Champlin came in third. Girls 18's was won by Kaylin Dong defeating Grace Richards. Allison Bartley took 3rd place with a victory over Samantha Usher 6-3, 7-5.


Congratulations to all the participants!


Snowball Classic Tournament - December 20th-23rd 2013


Naperville Tennis club hosted the Snowball Classic Level 6 Tournament between December 20th & December 23rd. There were 94 participants and it featured Boys 10 singles, Boys 12 singles, Boys 14 singles, Girls 10 singles, Girls 12 singles and Girls 14 singles.


Boys 10-14 Singles Matches:


Daniel Schmelker won the Boys 10's beating Akilesh Pandravada in the Finals. Aiden Hilson took 3rd place defeating James Theriault 6-4, 6-4. Boys 12's was won by #1 seed Noah Hernandez beating #2 seed Jarod Bennick in a close 7-5, 6-4 decision. Tristan Hilson took 3rd place over Ammar Wazir 6-4, 6-4. Boys 14's was won by #3 seed Saahil Rastogi over Ben Mitchell 6-2, 4-6 (10-7) in a very close and exciting match. Kevin Li, the #1 seed, took 3rd place defeating #2 seed Joris Bizys 6-2, 6-4.


Girls 10-14 Singles Matches:


Elizabeth Fausey was the #1 seed in the Girls 10s, she managed to defeat Lucy Mitchell 6-4, 6-4. Mackenzie Robertson took 3rd place over Maggie McFarland 6-3, 6-1. The second seed Emily Guse defeated Kendall Schrader in an exciting 3 set match 2-6, 6-2, 7-6 to win the Girls 12's. Hannah Neuman beat Sophia Hanna 6-2, 6-1 for 3rd place. Girls 14's was won by Katva Hersh over #2 seed Jesse Mitchell 6-2, 6-2. Veena Murali defeated Sophia Fausey to take 3rd place.


Congratulations to all the participants!


Tournament Tough with Carlos Goffi - Dec 6 & 7, 2013


Carlos Goffi, the former coach of John and Patrick McEnroe, visited Naperville Tennis Club on December 6th & 7th and conducted a 2 day workshop. Carlos has been a key not speaker at numerous national and international conventions and the author of the best-selling book. "Tournament Tought."


The first day of the workshop was geared towards juniors while the second day had a mix of adults and juniors. Both evenings Carlos began with a lengthy presentation about the mental aspect of the game. he said, " Competitive tennis is 5 times more mental than technical/physical. The ball is in play about 10 min/hr in a match. Learn to play the 50 minutes when there is no hitting" He brought up many great points.


After Goffi's presentation the participants were invited on the court and were introduced to some fun drills. Saturday evening concentrated more on doubles strategy and tactics. It was a fascinating 2 days and Carlos Goffi was entertaining, ethusiastic and insightful. Participants gained valuable knowledge and had lots of fun.

NTC Thanksgiving Open Nov. 28 - Dec. 1, 2013!


Naperville Tennis club hosted the Thanksgiving Open - Level 6 USTA tournament 11/28/13 - 12/1/13. It featured Boys' 16 singles, Girls' 16 singles and Girls' 14 singles. There were exciting matches throughout.


Anthony Nguyen defeated #2 seed Miguel Rayos Del Sol 6-4, 6-1 in the boys' 16. Third place was won by 3rd seed Jonathan Monovich over James Erwin 6-0, 6-1. Gabrielle Ochalik won an exciting match 7-5, 1-6, 7-5 over Christina Stankovic in the Girls's 16 7-5, 1-6, 7-5. The Girls' 14 event paired up 2nd seed Jacqueline Qi against Ivvy Hicks. Qi prevailed 7-5, 6-3. #1 seed Amanda Cashman took 3rd place against Neena Katuaskas.


Congratulations to all of the participants!


Girls' 14 Singles

1st Place - Jacquelyne Qi

2nd Place - Ivvy Hicks

3rd Place - Amanda Cashman

4th Place - Neena Katauskas


Girls' 16 Singles

1st Place - Gabrielle Ochalik

2nd Place - Christina Stankovic


Boys' 16 Singles 

1st Place - Anthony Nguyen

2nd Place - Miguel Rayos Del Sol

3rd Place - Jonathan Monovich

4th Place - James Erwin

Tournament with Toppings November 16, 2013


Saturday, November 16th was the Tournament with Toppings event which was our 2nd pizza tournament of the season. All attendees played at least 3 singles matches.


The tournament was divided into 2 divisions. Division I was won by Aryan Sharma over Joe Daw and 3rd Place went to Alyce Gaborick. Division II was won by Zach Slade over Olivia Juge and 3rd Place went to Narayan Veluchany. Fun was had by all and congratulations to all participants!

Slice of Tennis Tournament Nov 9, 2013


The Naperville Tennis Club hosted the Slice of Tennis Tournament. It was attended by 27 junior players. Everyone played at least 3 singles matches in a 4 hour time frame. Lots of tennis was played and lots of pizza was consumed.


The tournament was divided into 3 divisions. Division 1 was won by Jake Kokoris defeating Chris Chacko. Division 2 was won by Casey Schraeder over Keven Kruzel. 3rd Place went to John Lin and 4th Place to Danny Hoffman. Division 3 was won by Narayan Veluchany over Sivaayan Sivaparan. 3rd Place went to Savannah Greene and 4th Place to Aiden Abshire. Fun was had by all and congratulations to all participants.

The court resurfacing project is complete!


The renovations took several weeks but the courts are finished and ready for playtime. Please stop by the pro shop and take a look or view the photo gallery below.

We are looking forward to a great season!

"It's Never too Late to Learn!"

Senior Citizens in Assisted Living Community Enjoy the Game of Tennis at Naperville Tennis Club. The event held on Sunday March 10, 2013 was the first in a series of events to be hosted by Senior Tennis Connect.


Naperville, IL March 11, 2013: "It's never too late to learn!" is the motto of Senior Tennis Connect, an organization created by a nationally ranked junior tennis player from Naperville. This quote was featured on the back of T-shirts that residents of Sunrise Senior Living Community in Naperville wore as they played tennis at Naperville Tennis Club on Sunday, with local teen tennis players. The event consisted of drills and games with lightweight racquets and foam balls. After the drills and games, the seniors were treated to a competitive tennis exhibition featuring USTA ranked volunteers who are also members of Benet Academy and West Aurora High School's Varsity tennis teams. "The idea was to get the seniors out of their regular routine and do something totally different. It was a fun day and a great way for teens like me with a passion for tennis to connect with seniors in the area in a unique way," said Leah Tzakis, founder of Senior Tennis Connect. 


Visit our website at

Boys Junior Club Championship Recap

High School Boys:


We had twenty High School Boys compete in this year’s NTC club championship tournament. Each round consisted of one set using no ad scoring. Each player was guaranteed a minimum of two matches. We had over forty spectators come out to support and watch some great tennis! 


  • In the semifinal round top seed Ryan Slade faced Nihal Vorungati and won 6-2.
  • In the second Semifinal, second seed Rohan Parepally faced Burak Busche and lost 6-3. 
  • The Final match was very exciting with Ryan Slade edging out Burak Busche 6-5 in a tiebreaker that went 7-3.
  • In the Playoff for 3rd place, Rohan Parepally beat Nihal Voruganti 6-1. 


Junior High Boys:


In our Junior High division 16 players competed in a compass draw tournament format. All players competed in four matches with the two undefeated players advancing to the “Club Championship Final”. 


  • Our top seed Hemanth Kalindindi faced off with Allen Chen. Hemanth won 5-2 in this Semifinal.
  • Our number two seed Nick Liu beat out Matt Venter 5-1 in the second Semifinal match.
  • In the Final Hemanth Kalindindi pulled out a marathon tiebreaker win to become our Club Champion, 5-4 & 12-10 in the breaker! Great match guys!
  • For the third place playoff match, Allen Chen beat Matt Venter


Elementary Boys:


The elementary boys division consisted of six players in round robin format. The player with the best win/loss record became our 2013 Club Champion. 



  • In third place with an overall record of 3 wins and 2 losses was Sheel Tanna
  • In second place with only one loss was Harsh Vardhan
  • Our club champion, with a perfect record of 5 wins and 0 losses was Zachary Slade.


Congratulations to all participants for competing graciously and gaining valuable match experience. Well Done!!

The Naperville Tennis Club's 3.5 Team went to Nationals!

The Annual Parent-Child Tournament: It's in our DNA!

The Naperville Tennis Club has been holding an annual tournament that brings parents and children together through their shared love of tennis. This year, the "just for fun" event brought out tennis enthusiasts of all ages on October 13 & 14. While several teams were repeat participants, many were new to the tournament. The round robin format allowed for variety and challenge, as both juniors and adults met, and played the other teams in their division. All participants were awarded t-shirts themed: Tennis: It's in our DNA!


Elementary School Division


Charlie and John Dilulio

Alexandra and Radu Dram

Feina and Haihui Niu

Harshvardhan and Manish Singh


Junior High Division


Bailey and Jianming Chen

Sania and A.J. Hussain

Brett and Lou Kaplan

Daniel and Ben Raab

Nina and Melissa Raab

Kavya and Hari Rachapalli

Arjun and Sundar Sundararajan

Eric and John Thompson

Matt and Keith Venter


High School Division


Connor and John Castner

Alex and Jier Chen

Quinn and Jody Hullfish

Haley and Steve Hullfish

Anna and John Krainz

Jaron and Marilyn Whittington


The 2012-13 Grand Prix Tournaments Have Started!

Saturday, September 8th kicked off the 2012-2013 Season of Grand Prix tournaments at NTC. Thirty junior players competed in three divisions with several exciting finishes to determine the winners. Girls 12 & under was won by Lexie Henry, with Amanda Graff-Cashman and Rachel Nufer finishing in second and third place. Boys 10 & Under's champion was Jeremy Kang. Taking second and third place were Zach Slade and Jeremy Wong. In our largest division, Boys 12 & under, Alex Bergendorf took home the first place trophy, while Michael Choi and Paul Choi Battled to take second and third.


Check out future Grand Prix playing opportunities at Join the league and sign-up for your chance to compete in fun, exciting match play.

2011-2012 Mixed Pro Am

This year we had eight teams competing in our 2012 Mixed Doubles Pro Am. The eight teams were divided into two separate flights. In each flight the teams competed in a round robin rotation where each player served two games each and then played a nine-point tiebreaker. At the end of the round robin the team with the most games won their flight, and played the other winner in the Final Match. 


The two finalist teams were member- Carrie Kinney and pro- Vivian Chhetri vs. member- Jim Bicek and pro- Jamie Reisch. In the final, a full set was played using no-add scoring (a nine point tiebreaker at 6-6). Amazingly the match went the full distance (6-6). In the tiebreaker Carrie Kinney served a sudden death point at 4-4. Carrie Kinney and Vivian Chhetri won the sudden death point to win a very exciting finish with many onlookers. Congrats to Carrie and Vivian!


Our next pro am event will be scheduled this coming fall. Check our special events schedule online for details.

6th Annual Junior Grand Prix Doubles (May 5th, 2012)

The only Junior Grand Prix Doubles of the season were held on Saturday, May 5th. Here are is short video of one match:



A good time was had by all who participated in the "Cinco de Mayo" 6th Annual Grand Prix Doubles Event.


Congraduations to this year's winners:


H.S. Las Ellas:

1st Place: Brittney Kupiec & Caroline Plecki

2nd Place: Dahlia Keonavongsa & Ashley Kosy

3rd Place: Ali Julian & Bridget Muckian


8th & Under Las Ninas:

1st Place: Megan Dart & Hope Nguyen

2nd Place: Natalie Atkins & Mary Kate Devine


8th & Under Amigos:

1st Place: Giri Ekkurthi & William Isiminger

2nd Place: Kevin Chen & Jackson Keating

3rd Place: Josh Berg & Grant O'Connell


Ole' to all the participants!

2012 West Suburban Jr. Quad Championships Review

This past Friday night NTC hosted the first ever "West Suburban Jr. Quad Championships". Four of the areas' top Jr. programs were represented: NTC, Five Seasons, Oak Brook Racquet Club, & Wheaton Sport Center.  Each club provided 8 of their top Jr. High players to represent their club. Each club played a 30 minute round against each of the other teams in a round robin format.  Every round each club made a lineup of 2 singles & 3 doubles.  The total number of games were added up after each round and totaled on our giant scoreboard on court #1.


In the first round NTC lost to Wheaton 20-28, and Oak Brook beat Five Seasons 32-17. 


In the second round NTC beat Five seasons 37-10 & Oak Brook beat Wheaton 24-14.


In the third round NTC beat Oak Brook 26-15 & Wheaton beat Five Seasons 36-10. 


The final tally??? NTC WINS with 83 points!! Wheaton 2nd place with 78 points.  Oak Brook 3rd place with 71 points, and Five Seasons in fourth place with 37 points.  Congratulations to the NTC junior program!!! Our participating NTC juniors included Natalie Atkins, Ryan Guan, William Isiminger, Mathew Lee, Nicholas Liu, Hope Ngyuen, Pablo Olea, Tarika Patel, Samir Shekhawat, & Ryan Slade. The next area Quad meet will be hosted by one of the other clubs this coming Fall.  Next time you're in the club come check out the gigantic trophy that our kids won!!

2012 Jack Barry Playoffs Review

It was playoff Sunday at the Naperville Tennis Club on May 6th for the Women's 4.5 and 4.0 Jack Barry teams.


Naperville's 4.5 team was the #1 seed competing against a very formidable #2 seed Oak Brook. Oak Brook had great strength at the singles positions which proved too much for Naperville. All three doubles positions were extremely competitive. After Naperville won 2nd and 3rd doubles to tie the match score at 2-2 it all came down to 1st doubles. The 1st set went to Oak Brook 7-6 (5-2). Naperville stormed back and took the 2nd set 6-2. The tension could be felt as the 3rd set began to determine the championship. Both teams held serve to bring the score to 4-4. Naperville was finally able to break serve to go up 5-4 and then go on to win the set 6-4 and the match. It was an extremely exciting finish and both teams fought valiantly. Congratulations to the Naperville Women 4.5 team for a great season and being the 2012 champions!


2012 4.5 playoff eligible Jack Barry Roster: Teri Ayotte, Amy Brodsky, Eileen Demoll, Paula Endress, Annette Guenther, Jessica Hellberg, Christie Holmes, Kathy Huebner, Melissa Johnson, Dolores Jones, Carrie Kinney, Joanne Lin, Donna Matkovic, Lisa McAlpine, Roseann Solak.


The next match paired #3 Naperville against #4 Oak Brook which was equally exciting. Both teams each won a singles match. Oak Brook won 2nd doubles and 3rd doubles was won by Naperville. Again, the match was to be decided by #1 doubles. Naperville lost the 1st set 7-6 (5-1) and was leading the 2nd set 5-3. It looked as though a 3rd set would again determine the championship. However, Oak Brook was determined to fight back and they tied it 5-5. With both teams holding serve the set went to a tiebreak. Oak Brook finally prevailed 5-2 in the tiebreak to win the 2nd set 7-6 and capture the 4.0 Jack Barry Championship. It was a tough loss for Naperville but a very exciting matchup. Congratulations to the Naperville Women 4.0 team for a great season!


2012 4.0 playoff eligible Jack Barry roster: Lynda Anderson, Kathy Bianchi, Leigh Ann Boscarino, Sue Demari, Joan Emerick, Paula Endress, June Guse, Christie Holmes, Sue Keough, Lisa Laham, Kris Madura, Jen Nagle, Bev Paperiello, Dede Reed, Karen Ruan, Roseann Solak, Barb Wambold.