Swim Lesson Information


A list of instructors is available at the pool desk, inside the clubhouse until the pool opens.  Two levels of instruction are available:  Senior and Junior level.  All lessons are paid for by our voucher system, in which a packet of vouchers are bought inside the club and then turned in to the instructors at the time of the lesson.  (The vouchers are submitted by the instructors in order to be compensated and instructors not using vouchers will be terminated:  club insurance prohibits ‘freelance’ instructors.)  Five-voucher booklets are available for $50.  Lessons are scheduled via the instructor availability binder at the swim desk.


Lessons are generally most effective when taught in 30 minute increments, although lessons can be requested in one hour increments if the students are at least 9 years of age with swim experience.   Please defer to the instructor’s judgment on class length after the first class is taught.


Private (1 student) Lesson Rates:

Junior Instructor =  1 voucher per half hour 

Senior Instructor = 2 vouchers per half hour


Group Lesson Information:   Group lessons are being organized by parents (with Orca Coaches’ recommendation is some instances). Group lessons are done in increments of 3 classes.  Groups may consist or 2 or 3 swimmers per instructor.


Junior Instructor = 2 vouchers per swimmer per half hour

Senior Instructor = 4 vouchers per swimmer per half hour