Rain Policy

NTC’s Rain Policy:


If class has started and it begins raining, but there is no lightning, we will wait it out.  The players will do some light conditioning in the meantime and the first drill will be explained.


If there is heavy rain or lightning and more than half the class is finished, the class will be cancelled and NTC will send a text/email* notification.


If heavy rain before or at the start of class or there is lightning and there is court time available indoors, the class will move inside and NTC will send a text/email * notification. 


If dropping off your child, be sure to leave written permission if you want your child to be transported with someone else – another student or another parent.  In the situation of a class canceled or moved indoors because of weather, if your child does not have transportation they are required to be picked up within 15 minutes of the notification being sent.


* A text or email will be sent to you from NTC through Signup Genius whenever there is weather affecting the camp.  Signup Genius allows the option of users receiving either a text or an email.  If you prefer a text instead of an email, you may opt in for text through Signup Genius.