Round Robin & Progressive Leagues

** 2017 leagues start the week of 8/28.


Men’s and Women’s groups, both singles and doubles, are available to members. Their fun and popularity is evident as there are more than 40 leagues.  In order to create challenging matches, the round robin times made available to each player are dependent on the player’s ability:  these are rated groups.  The progressive groups are available to a range of levels of play.  The in-house leagues are considered permanent court time; they are a full season program and are billed in two increments. 


You can sign up for leagues at any time.  If the league is full at the time you sign up you will be placed as a ‘sub & waiting’, which means you are given priority as a sub until we can work you into the group as a regular.  Regulars are given a rotation, and lists of the other regulars and those interested in subbing.  We welcome those interested in subbing:  subbing is a great way to meet and play with a variety of players. 


Round Robin Socials:  The Ladies’ daytime groups have two pot luck luncheon socials, one is held in the Fall and one in the Spring.  Reminders are posted in the score sheet area.  Some Men’s groups have dinners late in the Fall and at the end of the season.

Congratulations to our 2016-17 Spring Winners

Women’s Spring 2016-17 Winners

Karen Budicin
Susan Leshock
Becky Phillips
Orlena Harris
Kathy Rain
Lori Toney
Kathy Miller
Renee Guarascio
Elena Pirozhnik
Amy Nemeth
Debbie Feldman
Jen Bauer
Karyn Weathered
Cathleen Grange
Chiaki Suzuki
Jean Palasz
Chris Lee




Men's Spring 2016-17 Winners

Mark Levy
Edmund Chan
Paul Singh
Greg Arnold
Roy Bynum
Mike Roth
John Lohr
Jeff Holmes
John Kilyk
Tomo Suzuki
Biswajit Pandab
Haijin Li