11 & Up Program Information

Children's Lesson Schedule Session I


Yellow Ball Level 1


For the junior tennis player age 11 and up, who is able to begin playing matches.  These athletes are able to sustain a baseline to baseline rally; and can also produce groundstrokes and serves the baseline, volleys and overheads from the net; and has the mobility to cover the court in a variety of live ball situations.  The players continue to work on skills necessary to hit from anywhere on the court, while also beginning to utilize basic high percentage strategies for singles and doubles.


Yellow Ball Level 2

For players ages 11 and up, the Yellow Ball 2 class focuses on teaching the fundamentals of tennis, while striving to have participants able to play matches as soon as possible.  If a junior is 11 or older and new to tennis, this is the class to start with as coaches work on introducing grips, stances, swing paths, along with explaining rules and scoring.  Players work on the ability to rally the ball back and forth so that they can progress to playing out points.  Even if a junior athlete has some limited experience with tennis, this class will make sure that the player has a solid foundation on which to continue building their skills.