The Naperville Tennis Club is a 10-Court facility which provides the environment and programs to support fun, social tennis, as well as challenging, competitive play. 


The Naperville Tennis Club is dedicated to encouraging an atmosphere of civility and good sportsmanship and to maintaining the Club as a place where players can enhance their abilities, no matter what their skill level, making friendships in the process.


To guarantee weekly play in either our club organized singles and double leagues or any of our drills, contact the club to become a regular.  


The Choose Your Date leagues and lesson/drills below are not a complete listing of our offerings.  Complete lesson schedules are available in the left margin of this page.  Call the club for information on league play. 


Choose Your Date (CYD) Club Organized Singles and Doubles Leagues


Below are links to start playing in club organized groups.  You can use these groups to round out your scheudle without a session committment or to make up a drill, a round robin (inhouse league), or if your permanent court time (PCT) is not scheduling alternative times as makeups.


                Women’s (& Coed) Singles & Doubles Matches 

                                Level  2.5-3.4  

                                Level 3.5-3.9  

                                Level 4.0+  


                Men’s  (& Coed) Singles & Doubles Matches 

                                Level 2.5-3.4  

                                Level 3.5-3.9  

                                Level 4.0+



Choose Your Date (CYD) Lessons and Drills 


                                Adult Drills 

                               Junior Excellence

                               Jr. Developmental Lessons


Whenever using our programs as a makeup, you will be asked to specify, in the comment field, the day and time of the activity you are making up, or indicate that we should go ahead and charge it to your account. 


A 48 hour cancellation is required to not be charged or recorded as a used makeup.

If you don’t know if a group is appropriate for your level, please email for assistance.

Face Covering Policy:   Although face coverings are not required on court, we ask that you be courteous and consider the requests of other players as much as is possible.  Players with certain medical conditions may prefer their partners wear a face covering and other players with some conditions (such as COPD) may be advised to not wear a face covering or wear a face covering with their nose exposed.