NTC Club Policies

Refund Policy: Fees are non-refundable except as follows (see list below). A pro-rated credit shall be issued to a student who is asked to withdraw from a class due to not meeting level requirements. A credit, less a 10 percent administrative charge, will be issued for:

1) Medical reasons. The credit is issued from the emailed unenrollment notification date. (With a doctor's verification the 10 percent fee does not apply.)

2) To a student who drops a class before the start of a session, provided the class is not full.

3) To a student from the date they are replaced in a class.

4) There are no refunds for tournament absences.


Class Change Policy: Schedule changes incur a $10 fee; one fee is waived per season. Exception is made for level changes.


Make-up Policy: Notify us at least 48 hours in advance by emailing info@NapervilleTennis.com if you will miss a class. Due to Covid-19, you must include the reason you are going to miss the class. Although we will try, we cannot guarantee the availability of a suitable make up option that works with your schedule. Once a make-up has been confirmed it cannot be rescheduled. We allow 1 make-up in Session I; 3 make-ups in Session II; 2 make-ups in Session III; and 1 make-up in Summer Session I.  All make-ups must be completed no more than 2 weeks into the next session.


Not Under NTC Control: No credits are given or make-ups allowed for weather emergencies, loss of power caused by the City of Naperville, government restrictions, or acts of God.   


Proper Attire: Participants need proper court attire and non-marking athletic shoes.  Juniors should have an age/size appropriate racquet.