Summer 10 Lesson Package

Packages are a great way to pre-pay for a group of CYD lessons at a discounted rate and can be purchased through your NTC Account. Essentially, the Summer 10 Package functions like a gift certificate: when a player purchases a package for 10 lessons, they can wait to schedule, or schedule immediately, up to 10 CYD lessons at a better price then the ala-carte CYD price.


The Summer 10 Lesson Packages are specific to the length of the class (i.e. a 1-hr class requires a 1-hr package), not a specific level, which allows you to spend the package on both your red ball and green ball players, for example. When a package is purchased by a member, it can be shared with another member who is linked to your account/profile (NTC must manually link your profiles).  To facilitate your ability to share packages, NTC will link a "person" whose first name is "package friend" to your profile.  Pleaser provide their name when you come in, for insurance reasons.  Same goes for a non-member package, if a non-member buys a package, it can be shared with other non-members linked to your account/profile.  


All packages expire 8/9/24 and there are no refunds for unused lessons. Reschedules for CYD & Packages require a 48-hr notice.  Due to the highly discounted rates offered in addition to the flexible schedule options there will are no makeup or sweetener options during the summer. 


Summer 10 Package of Choose Your Date (CYD):  Buy 10 CYD Lessons at a discounted rate!

10 Half-hr Sprouts lessons: $100/mbr, $130/non-mbr

10 1-hr lessons: $200/mbr, $260/non-mbr

10 1.5-hr lessons or Friday Match Play: $300/mbr, $390/non-mbr

10 2-hr lessons: $400/mbr, $520/non-mbr



All Jr. Excellence (JE) programs require a JE membership, other programs do not.  Memberships cannot be done online.  Both Tennis & Pool memberships include Pickleball (PB) and there is also a stand-alone Pickleball Membership at NTC.  Junior tennis and PB classes (besides JE) allow the junior player to receive a tennis member price if their parent(s) are pool or tennis members.  Pool members require tennis membership for Tennis Adult & JE member pricing.  Ask about discount for joining both pool and tennis.