Minimum Length of Party: 2 hours

Minimum Number of Players: 8


Party Reservations can be made with a non-refundable $50 deposit paid in advance.



  • $12 per player / includes 2 hours court time and party room for a half hour
  • Additional court time will be charged at a rate of $6 per hour/ per player
  • To add a Teaching Pro to your party, advanced noticed is required and an additional fee of $40-$80 per hour / per pro will be applied


*Party room requests should be made at the time of reservation to ensure the room is available for the specific day and time. We may be able to extend the time in the party room if it is available.

Parties are responsible for their guests’ deportment and must clean up after themselves.


Collection of Payment:

A list of participant names should be provided to the desk at the start of the event.


It is easiest if the group provides one form of payment for the entire amount due.


If money needs to be collected from individual participants, we suggest assigning one person to collect all the money in advance of the event or act as a greeter upon arrival of participants to collect the fees and record payment information. The desk can assist with making change or running credit card payments if needed.



Ball machine fee is $10

PB paddle demo fee is $3