Adult Lessons & Drills

Follow the links below to register, adult lessons and drills are open to both Members and Non-Members.


Beginner/Advanced Beginner (0-2.9)

Players at the Beginner level are relatively new to tennis or are returning to the game and will benefit from a comprehensive overview of the strokes. The Advanced Beginner has some match play experience and is looking to improve their serve and keep a rally going longer. Multi-class discount for Beginner/Advanced Beginner students: Enroll in two classes and receive a 5 percent discount off each class.


Monday -- 9am-10:30am -- Co-ed

Monday -- 7pm-8pm -- Co-ed
Tuesday -- 6pm-7pm -- Co-Ed
Wednesday -- 10:30am-11:30am
Wednesday -- 5pm-6 pm -- Co-ed
Thursday -- 10:30am-11:30am -- Co-ed
Friday -- 10:30am-11:30am -- Women’s Advanced Beginner Cardio
Sunday -- 1pm-2pm -- Co-ed


Intermediate (3.0-3.5)

The Intermediate player is steady from both the baseline and the net. This player can serve with consistency and accuracy, while being comfortable with most play situations. This player has decent court coverage and one or more powerful weapons. These clases enhance the players' tactics while providing stroke practice. The Intermediate player has consistency, accuracy, and the ability to dictate pace on most shots.


Monday -- 9am-10:30 am -- Women's
Monday -- 10:30am-Noon -- Co-ed Cardio

Tuesday -- 10:30am-Noon -- Low Intermediate
Tuesday -- 7pm-8:30 pm -- Co-ed Low Intermediate
Tuesday -- 8pm-9:30pm -- Co-ed

Wednesday -- 10:30am-Noon -- Co-ed Low Intermediate Cardio
Wednesday -- 7pm-8:30pm -- Co-ed
Wednesday -- 8:30pm-10pm -- Co-ed
Thursday -- 8:30am-10am -- Co-ed Cardio
Thursday -- 5:30pm-7pm -- Co-ed Cardio
Saturday -- 7:30am-8:30am -- Co-ed Cardio
Saturday -- 10:30am-12pm -- Co-ed

Sunday -- 2-3:30 pm -- Co-ed


Advanced Intermediate Drill (3.6-3.9)

An Advanced Intermediate player is much like an Intermmediate player, but has even more enhanced athleticism and ability to construct and dictate point play. This player has several weapons in their game and is confident in match play situations. Classes will continue to challenge players by offering high percentage tactics.


Monday -- 10:30am-Noon -- Co-ed Cardio
Tuesday -- 9am-10:30am -- Co-ed
Tuesday -- 7:30pm-9pm -- Co-ed
Wednesday -- 10:30am-Noon -- Co-ed Cardio
Friday -- 8:30am-10am -- Co-ed Cardio
Saturday -- 8:30am-10am -- Co-ed
Saturday -- 9am-10:30am (
3.8+) -- Co-ed


Advanced Drill (4.0+)

Advanced players are highly confident, consistent, and accurate, while at the same time are able to use multiple weapons and strategies in high-level Match Play. These classes are competitive and intense, and they continue reinforcing tactics.


Monday --  7:30pm-9:30pm -- Co-ed
Wednesday -- 7:30pm-9:30pm -- Men’s

Wednesday -- 8:30pm-10pm -- Co-ed
Saturday -- 7:30am-9 am -- Co-ed Cardio



Session Sweeteners:

Naperville Tennis Club will no longer offer makeup classes. Instead, as a courtesy to our members who have committed to full session lesson and drill programming, we will be gifting free Choose Your Date lessons and In-House Leagues.


Every Adult Beginner to Advanced Beginner will be offered complimentary CYD lessons as follows:

1 in Session I

2 in Session II

1 in Session III


All Adult Intermediate and Up Drills (including Team Drills) will be offered complimentary In-House League play as follows:

2 in Session I

4 in Session II

2 in Session III